1.0.4 release

Release date: 2022-08-19


  • Added Container element & nesting option to form settings.
  • Moved Description & Tooltip config fields to top.
  • Added resizing icon to element containers.
  • Certain props (like label, info, text) are now textareas instead of text.
  • Added storagePrefix config option.
  • Select/multiselect/tags input type is now search by default and autocomplete is off to prevent browser autocompletes.
  • Added Data key and Search param options to endpoint based data config.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for loading form without form/theme panels.
  • Fixed p element closing tag.
  • Last radiogroup/select/etc options can now be removed.
  • Datetime & time elements default schema fix.
  • Element name can no longer be emptied.
  • Collapse / open all fix.
  • Radio/select/etc option can be selected as default if value is 0.
  • Fixed being able to drag element size in preview mode.
  • Fixed default button border width in Vueform theme.
  • Multiselect/select does not switch back to native if search is turned off.
  • Added missing validation panel to various elements.
  • Fixed width calculation on resizing when element width is <12.
  • Resizing elements by dragging is now reflected in the config panel.
  • Panel closed sections states are now being loaded on page refresh.
  • Config textareas are now expanded when loaded.
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