1.0.9 release

Release date: 2022-11-21


  • **BREAKING**: if rightPanel and leftPanel are defined they must also contain settings and model, which are the settings panel for elements & tabs/steps the model preview.
  • Form steps & tabs have arrived. 🎉🎉🎉
  • New tab & step configuration similarly to form, theme or export.
  • Added columns counter to resizer.
  • Added toaster.
  • Notify user about adding element when the element is out of window.
  • A11y improvements.

Bug fixes

  • **BREAKING**: CSS class names are refactored - if you have overrides please check.
  • Don't display element border on hover when moving another element.
  • Optimized z-indexes for better performance.
  • Don't warn in model preview about static elements.
  • Save size when element is selected and using default columns.
  • Custom mimes & extensions could've been saved but were not loaded.
  • Pressing enter in certain elements caused removing or adding list elements.
  • Date range element was not configured for range.
  • In_array rule can only choose from lists.
  • Thrown error when clicking from select to slider.
  • Slider format decimals could be higher than 7 which thrown error.
  • Load the default Vueform theme if theme tab is disabled.
  • Do not remove other CSS vars when loading a single theme variable.
  • If renaming thrown error did not disappear when directly clicking to a new element.
  • Renaming an element with integer/numeric validators thrown error.
  • Removed expand / collapse all option from themes because opening all options at once is a too heavy load for a single click.
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