1.0.5 release

Release date: 2022-09-16


  • **BREAKING:** Element names starting with columns got renamed to containers. Existing forms containing group or object elements should rename builder.type prop from 'columns*' to 'container*'.
  • Update conditions when the target element's path/name changes or removed.
  • Added delay option that delays form re-rendering during text config changes.
  • Added feature level configuration for configuration groups (eg. validation).
  • Elements in containers now can be referenced for conditions.
  • Local storage self-cleanup when gets full (remove earliest histories).
  • Export existing field types.
  • Columns resizing performance optimizations.
  • Text type config udpate performance improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed empty config panel appearing when selecting new element right after deselect.
  • Horiozontal presets are being removed when the element's column overrides form columns.
  • Multifile filesize min/max fields are lengthened for more convenient input.
  • Don't allow container dropping into itself.
  • Elements became unselectable if in a conditional container.
  • Container vertical align set to top.
  • File names can't start with integer and can't contain dot.
  • Unfocus selected element when loading a form.
  • Filter internally config option loads back state.
  • Config panel's datepicker text color in dark mode fix.
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