1.0.15 release

Release date: 2023-03-02


  • Added responsive columns resizing and working device selector.
  • New config options: breakpoints.
  • Disabling remove, clone, move or resize for certain elements will disable it for their parent containers and lists.
  • Added HEIC/HEIF extensions and mime types.
  • Clear form now resets the whole form to default state instead of just clearing elements.

Bug fixes

  • Load back non-numeric list keys to checkbox group's and radio group's items.
  • Refresh conditions for nested elements as well when switching to preview.
  • App froze when selecting equal to condition for an element which was refering an element in a nested list.
  • Tags options were not shown if tags was first clicked after a multiselect.
  • If a tab or step was selected when loading a form the config panel became unclickable.
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